Friday, April 3, 2009

Get you Forever Stamp

There will be a postal price increase on you first class postage stamp on May 12th. The current price of a stamp is .42 cents., the increase will be .02c cents, for a total of .44 cents.

You may avoid these increases by buying a forever stamp.

On February 11, 2008, the United States Post Office announced that postal rates will increase again in May 2008. The price of sending a first class letter last increased on May 14, 2007.

Typical costs:
Until May 12, 2008, the cost of sending a first class letter (up to 1 ounce) costs 41 cents. Each additional ounce adds 17 cents, so the price to send a typical 2 ounce wedding invitation is 58 cents.
On May 12, the cost of a first class letter will increase one cent to 42 cents. However, a "Forever" Stamp purchased before then can still be used to send a first class letter. The United States Postal Service has 5 billion 41 cent forever stamps in stock in anticipation of the increased demand before the rate increase.
Sending a postcard will also increase by a penny from 26 cents to 27 cents.
Sending a Priority Mail envelope or letter up to 1 lb currently costs $4.60. Priority Flat Rate Boxes cost $8.95. The Post Office has not yet provided the new rates for Priority Mail.
Details on the new postal pricing in 2008 are available at the US Postal Service website.

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  1. A forever stamp is valid for fist class postage no matter what the rate. By concept, once purchased, a forever stamp is a perpetual stamp that never expires or declines in value.