Thursday, April 2, 2009

Economy Busting Source

Economy Busting Source

This column will be dedicated each month for Economy ideas or suggestions to save money and time.

Here some examples:
-Best price in town for gas?
-Coupons from the best web sites or periodicals?
-Special deals on commodities, such as cars, computers etc., big or small ticket items
-Inexpensive and time saving recipes
-Is your company offering any good sales etc.?
-Do you know of any buy one get one free? Pulling together monies w/someone that may be interested in the same item.
-Would you like to promote your goods and services, that are competitive or below market prices, w/specials etc.? (We will make room in this column for you)
-Exchanging services - etc.; an oil change & tune up for 2 hours worth of house cleaning.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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