Friday, May 15, 2009

How to save money on your grocery bill
Clipping coupons is one way to save money.
Here is a way to maximize your coupon savings.
Save three coupon flier's from the Sunday paper; the
Red Plum, Smart Source, and Proctor & Gamble.
Then go to’s web site. This
will multiply you grocery store savings. You need
to save all three coupon fliers in dated order. Once
your at web site go to-
“Grocery Deals By State” select both Colorado Safeway
Deals and Colorado King Soopers Deals. Once
your in this section go to the right top of the page
and find the (% Saved) and do the same on the left
top of page find (% Saved). Once you have located
these areas: 1) click on the (small blue arrow pointing
down). This will put the biggest saving on the
top of the list, with the possibility of finding an item
or items for free. 2) (place a check mark next to the
items of choice. 3) Go to the bottom of the page and
click on (display selected details). This will provide
a list of items you selected. Be sure to check both
King Soopers and Safeway grocery. There are times
each store will have the same item discounted. If the
item has a date with RP (Red Plum), SM (Smart
Choice), or PG (Proctor & Gamble, there should be
a coupon in your saved fliers. Find your coupon by
fliers and date. The savings are based on double
couponing and show the percentage of savings. It
may take you a few months to be able to collect all
the coupons needed, however well worth the effort. I
have found that when I am shopping with the double
coupons in hand, and my grocery list, I have saved
up to 75%-90% on my shopping trip!
When you have a coupon for, “Buy One Get
One Free”, you can buy only one of the items and
tell the cashier you are only buying one. The cashier
will cut the full price of the item in half and then you
will provide your “buy one get one free coupon”. By
doing this it will give you double savings on this
item. Be sure you can buy only one item with your
coupon first.
If you are 55 or older and shop at Albertsons
on the first Wednesday of the month, you will get
10% off your entire order! Be sure to tell the
checker you are a senior.
By watching the price of every item in your
shopping cart at your favorite grocery store and to
watch as they are scanned. If any item scans the incorrect
price at Albertson's, King Soopers or Safeway
and you catch the error you get the item for
free. If you are buying more than one of the incorrectly
scanned item you may get all for free.
In most cases you will get the first item for free
and then they correct the price any other items
that may be miss-priced At Sunflower Market,
take your receipt to be refunded for the miss
priced item.
I have found that shopping for big produce,
Sunflower & Sprouts Market are the most
economical. They run weekly specials on
Wednesday’s, no coupons needed. By shopping
on Wednesday you get to take advantage of two
weeks worth of specials; the week before and the
week after.
In addition to all of the above savings,
there are two great discount grocery stores in the
Denver area. They carry items the major grocery
stores no longer want. Some of these items
have passed or come close to their expiration
date. The freight comes on a open truck. The
Friday Store is located at 5636 Newland Way in
Arvada, CO 80002, (303) 422-8562. This is east
of Wadsworth, west of Marshal and south of
58th Street. It is only opened on Friday and Saturday
from 9 AM – 5 PM. Be sure to get there
early, sometime if they are not busy, they will
close early. The second is the Dacono Discount
Grocery (303) 833-5005, They are closed Thursday
and Sundays to restock their shelves. They
are the size of a small grocery store. It is worth
the drive. Take the second Dacono exit from
Denver M52, go east on 52 or Mineral, turn right
at the light Glen Creighton Dr. The store is on
your right. 913 Carbondale Dr.
I hope these ideas will help you save on your
next grocery bill.
Kathy W.

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  1. Great article Kathy. Thank you for the great tips and suggestions on the great savings for our trip to the grocery store.